Flower gaga - Lupa Studio
Flower gaga - Lupa Studio

Flower Gaga - Limited Edition

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Limited edition is handmade and available in only **3** pieces, each is numbered and delivered with care (and a lot of love!). 

Quirky, unique eyewear, increasingly protagonist of a woman’s look. Aesthetics and artisanship harmoniously blend in; the new eyewear is 100% handmade by artisans of the Cadore area. The distinctiveness of Flower Gaga is the top bar: glued, built, milled, filed and hand polished with attention and care. An explosion of colour and flowers: oleanders, gerberas, cyclamens and daisies.

The model is precious and unique; it comes in fact in limited edition. Shapes and textures are handmade by the designer and 100% manufactured in the area of Belluno – the eyewear district. 

The name takes after Lady Gaga, modern pop-icon of transformation in the twenty-first century. Her influence extends well beyond music: her style and personality have made her a cultural icon.